SIEM Services

SIEM (Security Information and Incident Management) is not just about installing a tool. The best SIEM services are those which are managed by the best cybersecurity experts. Zoom Cybersense provides the perfect combination of the right expertise and the right tool, to offer a world class SIEM solution.

SIEM Services

Zoom Cybersense offers managed SIEM services as well as standalone SIEM solutions. We have decades of technical expertise in cybersecurity and we bring that experience to our SIEM offerings. Our know how of the latest cyber security risks and threats gives us the ability to fine tune the SIEM to respond to breaches and incidents in extra quick time. We offer a customised SIEM portfolio to our clients. We can install and manage the SIEM on the customer premises, or provide the SIEM service as a cloud based service. For those customers who have the relevant expertise, we can install and configure the SIEM tool and then train their personnel to manage it effectively. Get in touch with us today to find out which solution suits you best!

Why is SIEM important?

The SIEM system collates security logs from various resources, including endpoints, routers, servers, firewalls and intrusion prevention systems.

It gives a bird’s eye view of the security status in the organization and can quickly zoom in to mitigate attacks.

In case of a cybersecurity incident, advanced SIEM incidents can quickly enable new policies on firewalls / gateways to stop the attack and even capture “packets of interest” to assist in forensics.

Different SIEM solutions for different businesses

Depending on the customer's’ requirements, we offer different types of SIEM solutions:

Lightweight SIEM - central repository of security logs with basic analysis and reporting ability.

Advanced SIEM - has machine learning with AI and the ability to instruct security firewalls and peripheral gateways to deploy new policies to mitigate attacks. This also has forensic capabilities.

Our SIEM offerings

In house SIEM solution - for organizations who have the expertise to manage the SIEM themselves.

In house Managed SIEM solution - installed on customer premises but managed entirely by the Zoom Cybersecurity team.

SIEM as a service - A cloud based service offered from our 24X7 Security Operations Center (SOC) which continusly monitors the traffic and detects security events and activates measures to stop the cyberattack. This service also takes into consideration threat intelligence feeds from various industry sources in order to stop zero day attacks. Suitable for large enterprises and critical networks.

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