Data Breach

If your company’s data has been breached or compromise, you need to know the extent of the breach and what impact it has had on your business and clients. Our cyber forensics team will work to find the evidence and the extent of the data breach.

Data Breach

Preserving evidence is critical when investigating a breach. Our forensic team will help you do that and find answers to important questions like:

  • Was there really a breach?
  • How did the breach affect the organization?
  • Who attacked and how?

The team will perform a complete analysis of the logs on network and system devices and determine the sequence of events, putting together a complete picture of how and when the attack happened. They will look for unauthorized accounts, signs of internal espionage, whether the wifi was compromised and so on.

Recovering from a breach

If protected client data has been lost, this could lead to legal complications for the organization. It is imperative that the breach is stemmed effectively and all possible measures are taken to prevent it happening again in the future.

We provide all assistance in case of a confidential data breach, determining the what, the when and the how of the breach. Collection and maintenance of evidence, including preserving evidence integrity is part of this service, so that all legal obligations are met.

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