Cybersecurity Solutions

STORMSHIELD is a 100 billion AIRBUS company

Military / industry grade IPS & Firewall solutions for critical government, defence / military, and industrial networks.


EGO SECURE (Germany)

Endpoint Security Solutions

A Matrix 42 group Germany company that provides an endpoint security solution that focuses on audit, analysis, encryptions, management, filtering, MDM.


S21 SEC (Spain)

ATM Security Solution

LDM - S21Sec company product provides an integrated multivendor ATM security solution for the new generation of logical-physical attacks on ATMs. A centralized security solution to protect, monitor, and control your ATM network.


PC-3000 – ACELab (Russia)

Disc Forensics and Data Recovery Solution

Hardware and software solutions intended for diagnosing, repairing, and data recovery from damaged disc drives such as SATA, PATA, SSD, SCSI, SAS, RAID, USB, and Flash Rom and also analysis of the data.


HANCOM WITH (South Korea)

Mobile & Video Forensics Solution

HANCOM WITH, a mobile forensic solution that forensically extracts key evidential data from basic handsets to the latest smartphones from all well-known mobile manufacturers using a wide range of techniques. It can also extract evidential / recoverable (i.e., active and deleted) data from mobile phones, including physical extraction from the mainboard with JTAG from future phones and chip-off memory from damaged phones.


MOBILedit (Czech Republic)

Mobile Forensic Solution

Compelson Labs, a mobile forensic solution that forensically extracts key evidential data from smartphones of well-known mobile manufacturers using a wide range of techniques. It can also extract evidential/recoverable (i.e., active and deleted) data from mobile phones.



Password Recovery Solution

ElcomSoft password recovery bundle is best known for its extensive range of password recovery tools, allowing government, corporate and private customers to unlock valuable information protected with lost and forgotten passwords. It supports password recovery for all versions of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, NFS Encrypted File System, Windows and macOS passwords, macOS Keychain, ZIP/RAR/RAR5, PDF, BitLocker/PGP/TrueCrypt, and many more.


ADF Solutions (USA)

Live computer forensic solution

Digital Evidence Investigator® (DEI) software is an automated digital forensic tool for collecting files and artifacts - with the evidence presented in a timeline view. Prioritize speed in evidence collection and use on the field or in lab investigations with minimal training.


Kinesense (Ireland)

Video Enhancement and Video Analytics Solution

Kinesense provides the platform to manage all your video Investigations tasks; by combining smart video search technology with easy-to-use reporting functionality, investigators can generate leads faster.

Cubic MotionDSP


Video Enhancement Solution

Forensic video enhancement solution to enhance video from various sources like CCTV, bodycam, dashcam, security camera, etc.; software can be used to identify faces and objects from a video, read license plates info from low-quality video, and recover lost details in a video.



Mac Forensic Solution

Sumuri Mac Forensic tools can be used as Bootable disk to perform Live imaging for capturing data from macOS computers. Sumuri solution has hundreds of plugins to parse thousands of artifacts from macOS, iOS backups and comes with built-in write blocking capabilities.


Pagefreezer (Canada)

e-Discovery Solution

Webpreserver performs automated social media and website forensic acquisition, forensic preservation and prepares automatic documentation for electronic forensic evidence.



e-Discovery Solution

Hunchly automatically tracks the URL, timestamps, and hashes every page you visit during an investigation. This saves you hours in documentation time, so you have more time for performing investigative work.

metis intelligence

METIS (Israel)

Augmented Predictive Intelligence Platform

Metis Augmented Predictive Intelligence Platform helps you uncover all the relevant information – entities, connections, and activities – buried within all your data to give you a complete picture of what's happened, what's happening, and what's next, so you can empower your team to take action and get the results you are looking for.

ips intelligence

IPS Intelligence (Italy)

AI-Powered OSINT & Web Intelligence Solution

MEDUSA is an end-to-end Social Media and Open-Source Intelligence product that transforms public data such as Social Media, Deep & Dark Web into valuable information.

cobwebs technologies

Cobwebs Technologies (USA)

AI-Powered OSINT & Web Intelligence Solution

A powerful web intelligence solution monitors online activity. It collects and analyzes data of endless digital channels – from the open, deep, and dark web to mobile and social.
The leading AI-powered, user-friendly search engine for deep, automated web investigations. Extract critical, intelligent insights with ease and efficiency from social media, surface & deep web data sources with Cobwebs' dark web monitoring technology.

search light

SearchLight (UK)

Darknet Intelligence Platform

CERBERUS is a user-friendly interface that allows the interrogation of the world's largest darknet data set that includes OSINT, hidden pages, paste bins, markets, and forums. Criminals using the darknet think that you can't see them. With CERBERUS, you can. Cerberus monitors dark markets, paste bins, documents and forums and will alert you when your requested content / information is being sold or distributed, or detected.


Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Intelligence Platform

Cipher Trace helps Law Enforcement follow digital money trails to Investigate and prosecute various crypto crimes like Data extortion, Money laundering, Terrorist financing, Cyber-attacks, Weapon sales, Drug transactions, Fraud, Crypto thefts, SIM swapping, etc. Ciphertrace supports Investigations and Forensics for more than 800 cryptocurrencies.


ProHawk (USA)

Streaming Video Enhancement Solution

Real-Time video enhancement helps to a great extent in intelligence gathering under various unfavorable conditions. Law enforcement agencies can benefit from real-time video enhancement from various sources like drones, security cameras, traffic cameras, etc.


SCG Canada

Forensic Imaging Device Solution

The SCG Canada's CFID (Covert Forensic Imaging Device) is the world's smallest handheld battery-powered forensic collection and imaging device. The CFID was designed for forward operating military, intelligence, and law enforcement personnel who need a simple, small, portable, and inconspicuous solution for SIM Card Exploitation, Forensic Imaging, iOS, and Android Mobile Extraction, Active File Copying plus Forensic Wiping, and industry-leading UAV extraction.



Science of Security

US-Council is a network security organization based out of North America. The mission of this organization is to fight cybercrimes. US-Council helps industries in understanding the rapidly growing security threats against the networks and to combat hackers. US-Council also offers consultancy services in protecting critical infrastructure around the world through its partner network.

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