True Cybersecurity Means a Proactive Response

4 Tips to Protect Your Business Against Social Media Mistakes

Don't let social media become the go-to platform for cybercriminals looking to steal sensitive corporate information or cause huge reputational damage.

23 April, 2019 Guy Bunker

True Cybersecurity Means a Proactive Response

True Cybersecurity Means a Proactive Response

Successful, secure organizations must take an aggressive, pre-emptive posture if they want true data security.

10 April, 2019 Liron Barak

How to Create a Dream Team for the New Age of Cybersecurity

Inside Cyber Battlefields, the Newest Domain of War

In his Black Hat Asia keynote, Mikko Hypponen explored implications of "the next arms race" and why cyber will present challenges never before seen in warfare.

30 March, 2019 Kelly Sheridan

How to Create a Dream Team for the New Age of Cybersecurity

Machine Learning Makes VPNs Excellent Options For Cybersecurity

When considering your options for cybersecurity, you'll want to think about using VPNs. They're an excellent possible thanks to machine learning.

11 March, 2019 Diana Hope

How to Create a Dream Team for the New Age of Cybersecurity

How to Create a Dream Team for the New Age of Cybersecurity

When each member of your security team is focused on one narrow slice of the pie, it's easy for adversaries to enter through the cracks. Here are five ways to stop them.

19 February, 2019 Gaurav Banga

2018's Most Common Vulnerabilities Include Issues New and Old

The most common vulnerabilities seen last year run the gamut from cross-site scripting to issues with CMS platforms.

21 January, 2019 Curtis Franklin Jr.

By 2020, 60 percent of digital businesses will suffer major service interruptions

The sheer number of cyberattacks resulting from an inability to manage risks — and the burgeoning talent shortage to deal with it — will force CIOs to rethink their defense strategy.

7 January, 2019 Marc Wilczek

Cybersecurity in 2019: From IoT & Struts to Gray Hats & Honeypots

While you prepare your defenses against the next big thing, also pay attention to the longstanding threats that the industry still hasn't put to rest.

22 December, 2018 Phillip Maddux

A Shift from Cybersecurity to Cyber Resilience: 6 Steps

Getting to cyber resilience means federal agencies must think differently about how they build and implement their systems. Here's where to begin.

10 December, 2018 Gus Hunt

Cybersecurity at the Core

For too long, cybersecurity has been looked at as one team's responsibility. If we maintain that mentality, we will fail.

Leaders around the globe are not naive regarding the impact cyberattacks have on a business.

26 November, 2018 Troy Mattern

Tackling Cybersecurity from the Inside Out

It's no secret that ransomware and distributed denial-of-service attacks are on the rise. In fact, compared with the previous year, the average number of targeted cyberattacks per organization in 2017 more than doubled (232 through January 2018 versus 106 through January 2017).

07 November, 2018 Marc Wilczek

Cyber insurance: Is it worth the investment?

While cyber liability insurance policies are complex and proving claims can be daunting, CIOs in the midmarket space agree access to resources provided in the policies make the investment worthwhile.

31 October, 2018 Blair Shiver

War of the digital worlds: A day in the life of a threat intelligence analyst

If a company or individual is powerful, they are vulnerable to a dangerous cyber attack, and that's where we come in.

17 October, 2018 Alex Hinchliffe

Forensic analysis of multiple device BTRFS configurations using The Sleuth Kit

The analysis of file systems is a fundamental step in every forensic investigation. Long-known file systems such as FAT, NTFS, or the ext family are well supported by commercial and open source forensics tools.

24 September, 2018 Cyber Forensicator

US Approves Cyber Weapons Against Foreign Enemies

The White House is changing the rules on its use of digital weapons to fight adversaries targeting US networks.

The Trump administration has authorized the use of "offensive cyber operations" against foreign enemies.

24 September, 2018 Dark Reading

WhatsApp: Mobile Phishing's Newest Attack Target

In 2018, mobile communication platforms such as WhatsApp, Skype, and SMS have far less protection against app-based phishing than email.

Mobile phishing is a topic that just won't go away.

24 September, 2018 Dan Cuddeford

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