ACELab PC-3000 Flash Data Recovery Basic - Training
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ACELab Zoom Zoom PC-3000 Flash Data Recovery Basic Online Training Program is designed to accelerate your mastery of the PC-3000 tools and enhance your data recovery skills right from the start. We have prioritized interactivity in our online training, aiming to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the material and fundamental skills.

In this course our strong emphasis would be on hands-on experience for participants. Participants will actively engage in solving live cases, guided by the instructor through a remote computer setup. This course is designed to be interactive, providing attendees with the opportunity to ask questions and receive assistance, just as they would in an offline training environment.

The course will cover:

  • How NAND-Flash drives work.
  • The main things you should keep in mind when recovering data from NAND-Flash drives.
  • Types of NAND microchips and the PC-3000 Flash adapters to suit your data recovery needs.
  • How to get info on a NAND-Flash device after disassembling: the controller and the memory chip.
  • Possible issues with NAND-Flash drives and their causes.
  • Diagnosing a non-working device. Logical recovery without the chip-off. The RAW recovery.
  • How to diagnose a non-working device. Physical recovery using the chip-off method.
  • Creating a new task in the PC-3000 Flash and reading out the microchip.
  • How to use the ECC correction to fix issues.
  • Executing a graph and correcting the ECC. Reading out the dump.
  • How to read out the dump and use the ReadRetry option.
  • Improving the quality of the dump by reading out the uncorrected sectors.
  • How to convert the controller:
    • the XOR
    • the Page Transformation
    • the Interleave
    • the External Interleave
  • The RAW Recovery: a method of research and recovery.
  • How to assemble the image.
  • The transformations. PS2251-67 - the XOR, the Page Transformation.
  • The transformations. SM3257EN - the XOR, the Page Transformation, the Interleave.
  • The transformations. IS902 - the XOR, the Page Transformation, the Interleave, the Ext Interleave.
  • The PC-3000 Flash Solution Center to solve cases in a few clicks. How to find a solution by controller type and memory chip ID. Automatic search for a solution. Implementing solutions, automatic transformations and building the logical image.
  • Implementing solutions for a task that was read out before. Using the PC-3000 Flash Solution Center.
  • Using methods to get extra data. The PC-3000 Flash Solution Center + AU6989 + the partition recovery. The RAW recovery on the graph and image, disk analysis, and search for partitions.
  • Saving data, exporting the file system to another drive, saving the image into a file for a further analysis with third-party (e.g. forensic) tools.
  • The ACE Lab Technical Support Service. How to create a ticket when you face a difficult case or have a question.

Procedure for attending the online session & doing practical remotely

To participate in the training sessions, participants will utilize the Cisco Webex application. Prior to the start of the training, we will provide participants with the meeting link to join the sessions.

Throughout the training, we will cover both theoretical concepts and provide practical demonstrations of Flash Data Recovery techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on exercises and perform Flash Data Recovery tasks by remotely connecting to Zoom's systems.

By utilizing these platforms, participants can actively participate in the training sessions, interact with the instructor, and gain practical experience in Flash Data Recovery Basic in a remote learning environment.

Training Schedule

Date Duration Price
10th - 11th July, 2023
10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
2 Days

Introductory Limited Period Offer

INR 30,000.00

14th - 15th August, 2023
10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

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